Neanderthals interbreed with “Humans” - the RTB side - article 2

This short article on the RTB website refers to a study, just completed, to sequence the Neanderthal genome.  The results of the study will be to show the degree of similarity between human and Neanderthal DNA:

“…a joint team of scientists from Germany and the U.S. announced plans to complete a draft of the Neanderthal genome (an organism’s entire genetic makeup) within the next two years. This research program provides an unimaginable opportunity to test various theories about humanity’s origin. Since that first fossil’s discovery, Neanderthal’s identity and place in humanity’s origin have fascinated scientist and layperson alike. Traditional evolutionary models assert that Neanderthals played some role in human evolution. The Reasons To Believe model, on the other hand, maintains that there is no evolutionary connection between Neanderthals and modern humans.”

First of all, the degree of similarity between two species so close as humans and chimpanzees is a variation of only a few percent.  Research has shown that the variation within humans is on the same order of a few percent, so any results of this study, which will show only a small variation, will be interpreted by any group the way they want to interpret it.

Secondly, what if the genomes turns out to be identical?  RTB can just say God created Man just like Neanderthals, but those Neanderthals are STILL NOT HUMAN! They just look human, and act human, that’s all.  And lived a really long time ago.

In current evolutionary thought, mutations no longer drive gradual improvement.  It is done by gene transfers from one specie to another.  RTB will of course follow “Science” in this paradigm shift, since the basis of their ministry is that we can trust all the conclusions that “Science” has come to in their interpretation of creation from their naturalistic, Godless worldview.  Gene transfers will be used by “Science” to explain the great similarity between Human and Neanderthal.  RTB will be scrambling to figure out how to fit this into their convoluted worldview.

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